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Wolfenstein 3 Is Coming? Here’s What We Know

Wolfenstein 3 Is Coming? Here’s What We Know

Wolfenstein 3

Fans of the popular first-person shooter, Wolfenstein, have been eagerly waiting for news of a third installment in the series. Bethesda’s Pete Hines had confirmed that a sequel to Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus was in the works, but it has been over five years since the game’s release, and there is still no news of a new game. So, what’s the status of Wolfenstein 3?

Wolfenstein 3 Release Date

Some fans were concerned that the slower sales of MachineGames’ second outing, Youngblood, might have affected the development of a third game. However, it is more likely that the team has shifted its focus to its new project, an Indiana Jones game. It’s difficult to say which game is being prioritized, or how much progress has been made on Wolfenstein 3. We can speculate that Indiana Jones might be released in 2023, in line with the new movie, which could mean that Wolfenstein 3 might come out in 2023 or beyond.

Wolfenstein 3 Storyline

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed that Youngblood is not the third installment of MachineGames’ Wolfenstein trilogy. Instead, it’s a side story that moves ahead in the timeline. So, it’s unclear where Wolfenstein 3 will take place in the timeline. It could be set after the events of The New Colossus but before Youngblood or even after Youngblood. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for more information to know for sure.

Mecha Hitler

Fans have been wondering if Mecha Hitler will make an appearance in Wolfenstein 3. The short answer is maybe, but the explanation is a bit complicated. In Wolfenstein Youngblood, you play as BJ’s twin daughters, and during an early cutscene, it is explained that Hitler is dead, killed at the hands of BJ Blazcowikz. When asked about the decision to kill Hitler off-screen, Jack Gustafsson told VG247 that it was done in service of the series’ wider lore.

To Sum It All Up

While fans are eagerly waiting for news of Wolfenstein 3, it seems that the game is still in development, but it may be a while before it is released. With MachineGames also working on the Indiana Jones game, it’s hard to say which game will be released first. As for Mecha Hitler, it’s uncertain if he will make an appearance in Wolfenstein 3, but fans will have to wait and see.


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