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Unity Adds MetaMask And Blockchain Integrations

Unity Adds MetaMask And Blockchain Integrations

unity blockchain. Image: siberianart

Unity Adds MetaMask And Blockchain Integrations: Unity, the video game development platform, has added 13 “vetted” crypto platforms to its asset store, including Solana and Tezos, to facilitate the integration of Web3 technology in game development. The company recently launched a new “Decentralization” category page on its asset store, offering developers a range of crypto platforms to support the decentralization of their projects.

Among the 13 platforms featured on the store is MetaMask, a popular crypto wallet provider. Its software development kit (SDK) has been added to the asset store to help developers integrate users’ MetaMask wallets with any game developed on Unity.

In addition to MetaMask, Unity has also added SDKs for various blockchains, including Solana and Tezos, to the store. Moreover, the developer platform ImmutableX is available for those interested in building Web3 games on the Ethereum blockchain.

With these integrations, developers can modify the “models of ownership” in their games and enable players to create, earn, or acquire in-game resources that can be traded or sold afterward, as Unity has noted.

Unity’s move to include crypto platforms in its asset store is a significant step towards the mass adoption of Web3 technology in the gaming industry. Developers can now easily integrate decentralized features into their games, allowing them to provide players with a more immersive gaming experience.

What is Unity Game Engine?

Unity is a popular video game development platform that allows developers to create, test, and deploy games across multiple platforms, including PC, mobile devices, and consoles. It was first introduced in 2005 as a Mac OS X exclusive game engine and has since become a powerful tool for game development on a variety of platforms.

Unity has gained widespread popularity among game developers due to its ease of use, flexibility, and the fact that it offers a range of features that simplify the game development process. Unity includes a robust scripting language, a physics engine, and a variety of tools and assets that developers can use to create visually stunning games.

With Unity, developers can create 2D and 3D games, and the platform supports a range of programming languages, including C#, C++, and JavaScript. Unity also has a large community of developers who share their experiences and expertise, making it easier for developers to learn and improve their skills.

The platform has been used to create a wide range of games, from simple mobile games to complex console titles. Some of the most popular games developed on Unity include Among Us, Cuphead, Hollow Knight, Superhot, Genshin Impact, Rust  and the Blind Forest.


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