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Terraformers Launches 1.0 Version: Shape Your Life on Mars

Terraformers Launches 1.0 Version: Shape Your Life on Mars


As humanity continues to look to the stars for new homes, the Red Planet has become a beacon of hope in the galaxy. Terraformers, the atmospheric colony builder from Goblinz Publishing and Asteroid Lab, is now leaving Early Access and launching into its 1.0 version on Steam. This full launch brings with it new leaders, game modes, events, buildings, and much more for players to enjoy.

Terraformers tasks players with transforming the barren surface of Mars into a thriving and lush world that can support human life. This expansive turn-based colony builder offers a plethora of options for terraforming the planet, including increasing oxygen and temperature levels, ocean levels, and atmosphere density. Players can transport oceans from nearby celestial bodies, build space mirrors, restart volcanoes, spread adaptive bacteria, and plant forests to create a hospitable environment for their growing population.

Careful planning is key to building successful colonies on Mars. Players must ensure that their citizens have enough resources to survive and thrive, while also increasing their standard of living. Building structures such as forests, parks, entertainment centers, and homesteads can help to add to the population and gain their support.

The 1.0 launch of Terraformers brings with it a host of new challenges and opportunities for players. Players can now build cities on the nearby moons of Phobos and Deimos, as well as embark on new space projects, research new technologies, and contend with catastrophic events such as asteroid strikes. Two new leaders with unique backgrounds, skills, and perks have also been added, as well as a Weekly Challenge mode that lets players test their skills with new modifiers and difficulty levels.

Other new features in the 1.0 launch include new animations to make cities feel more alive, 62 new Steam achievements to unlock, and the ability to go back to different instances of colonies with multiple saves. Players can enjoy all of these new features and challenges with a 20% launch discount on Steam and GOG.

Terraformers is a must-play for turn-based strategy fans and is part of Goblinz Publishing’s turn-based mega bundle, which includes Legend of Keepers, Hero’s Hour, and Ozymandias alongside Terraformers. With so many new features and challenges to discover, players will have hours of fun shaping their life on Mars in Terraformers.


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