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City Builder DMCA-Removed from Steam

City Builder DMCA-Removed from Steam

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a city-building game that offers a unique focus on how urban planning worked in conjunction with the communist economies of Eastern Europe during the Cold War era. While the game may not appeal to everyone, it has earned a dedicated following among fans. Unfortunately, the game has been taken down from the Steam marketplace following a DMCA takedown notice.

Why Was Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Removed from Steam?

According to a post made by the game’s developers, the removal of the game from the Steam marketplace was a result of a player who had once been a respected member of the game’s community, but had since gone rogue and begun attacking the game’s online presence. The player allegedly wrote a guide on a way to play the game more realistically, and the developers had agreed to credit the player as a goodwill gesture for their contributions. However, the player began abusing the YouTube report system, issuing copyright strikes to one of the studio’s most helpful influencers. As a result, the developers withdrew their offer to credit the player.

The player then reportedly went on to report the game’s website and official YouTube videos, which escalated to the point where the game itself was taken down from the Steam marketplace due to a DMCA request. The player is now claiming to own the rights to the realistic game mode. However, 3Division, the Slovakian studio behind the game, has stated that they are working to resolve the issue.

The removal of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic from the Steam marketplace has disappointed many fans of the game. However, the situation highlights the potential harm that can be caused by a single individual’s actions online, particularly when it comes to intellectual property rights and copyright issues. It also underscores the importance of careful community management and the need to maintain a positive relationship between developers and players.

In a post (Click here) written by one of the game developers described the sequence of events that led to the removal of the game from the Steam store and explained why it was removed. It is important to note that the game has not yet been reinstated and is still not available for purchase.


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